0 rows



Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id BIGINT 19 null
backup_courses.courseid backup_courses_erd_courseidR
badge.courseid badg_cou2_fkR
bigbluebuttonbn_logs.courseid Implied ConstraintR
bigbluebuttonbn_recordings.courseid Implied ConstraintR
block_recent_activity.courseid Implied ConstraintR
block_recentlyaccesseditems.courseid blocrece_cou2_fkR
book.course book_cou2_fkR
chat_users.course chatuser_cou2_fkR
competency_coursecomp.courseid compcour_cou3_fkR
competency_coursecompsetting.courseid compcour_cou2_fkR
competency_usercompcourse.courseid Implied ConstraintR
course.originalcourseid cour_ori2_fkR
course_completion_aggr_methd.course course_completion_aggr_methd_erd_course_idR
course_completion_crit_compl.course course_completion_crit_compl_erd_course_idR
course_completion_criteria.course course_completion_criteria_erd_course_idR
course_completion_defaults.course courcompdefa_cou2_fkR
course_completions.course course_completions_erd_course_idR
course_format_options.courseid courformopti_cou2_fkR
course_modules.course course_modules_erd_course_idR
course_modules_viewed.coursemoduleid Implied ConstraintR
course_published.courseid course_published_erd_course_idR
course_sections.course course_sections_erd_course_idR
enrol.courseid enro_cou2_fkR
enrol_flatfile.courseid enroflat_cou2_fkR
enrol_paypal.courseid enrol_paypal_erd_course_idR
event.courseid Implied ConstraintR
event_subscriptions.courseid evensubs_cou2_fkR
feedback_completed.courseid feedcomp_cou2_fkR
feedback_completedtmp.courseid Implied ConstraintR
feedback_sitecourse_map.courseid Implied ConstraintR
folder.course folder_erd_courseidR
grade_categories.courseid gradcate_cou2_fkR
grade_categories_history.courseid gradcatehist_cou2_fkR
grade_items.courseid graditem_cou2_fkR
grade_items_history.courseid graditemhist_cou2_fkR
grade_outcomes.courseid gradoutc_cou2_fkR
grade_outcomes_courses.courseid gradoutccour_cou2_fkR
grade_outcomes_history.courseid gradoutchist_cou2_fkR
grade_settings.courseid gradsett_cou2_fkR
groupings.courseid grou_cou5_fkR
groups.courseid grou_cou3_fkR
h5pactivity.course h5pa_cou2_fkR
imscp.course imscp_erd_courseidR
label.course label_erd_courseidR
logstore_standard_log.courseid logsstanlog_cou2_fkR
lti_coursevisible.courseid Implied ConstraintR
lti_tool_settings.course ltitoolsett_cou3_fkR
ltiservice_gradebookservices.courseid Implied ConstraintR
moodlenet_share_progress.courseid Implied ConstraintR
page.course page_erd_courseidR
post.courseid post_cou3_fkR
resource.course resource_erd_courseidR
resource_old.course Defined in XMLR
scale.courseid Implied ConstraintR
scale_history.courseid scalhist_cou2_fkR
search_simpledb_index.courseid Implied ConstraintR
stats_daily.courseid stats_daily_erd_courseidR
stats_monthly.courseid stats_monthly_erd_courseidR
stats_user_daily.courseid stats_user_daily_erd_courseidR
stats_user_monthly.courseid stats_user_monthly_erd_courseidR
stats_user_weekly.courseid stats_user_weekly_erd_courseidR
stats_weekly.courseid stats_weekly_erd_courseidR
tool_brickfield_areas.courseid toolbricarea_cou2_fkR
tool_brickfield_cache_acts.courseid toolbriccachacts_cou2_fkR
tool_brickfield_cache_check.courseid toolbriccachchec_cou2_fkR
tool_brickfield_process.courseid Implied ConstraintR
tool_brickfield_summary.courseid toolbricsumm_cou2_fkR
tool_monitor_events.courseid toolmonieven_cou2_fkR
tool_monitor_rules.courseid Implied ConstraintR
tool_monitor_subscriptions.courseid Implied ConstraintR
tool_recyclebin_course.courseid toolrecycour_cou2_fkR
url.course url_erd_courseidR
user_lastaccess.courseid Implied ConstraintR
workshop.course work_cou2_fkR
category BIGINT 19 0 course_erd_category_idR
sortorder BIGINT 19 0
fullname VARCHAR 254
shortname VARCHAR 255
idnumber VARCHAR 100
summary LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
summaryformat TINYINT 3 0
format VARCHAR 21 topics
showgrades TINYINT 3 1
newsitems MEDIUMINT 7 1

count of announcements in latest announcments block

startdate BIGINT 19 0
enddate BIGINT 19 0
relativedatesmode BIT 1 0

Whether to let this course display course- or activity-related dates relative to the user's enrolment date in this course.

marker BIGINT 19 0

marks a topic as highlighted, only one topic can be highlighted at a time

maxbytes BIGINT 19 0

largest file that can be uploaded to the course

legacyfiles SMALLINT 5 0

course files are not necessary any more: 0 no legacy files, 1 legacy files disabled, 2 legacy files enabled

showreports SMALLINT 5 0

can a student view their own activity reports via their profile page

visible BIT 1 1
visibleold BIT 1 1

the state of visible field when hiding parent category, this helps us to recover hidden states when unhiding the parent category later

downloadcontent BIT 1 null
groupmode SMALLINT 5 0
groupmodeforce SMALLINT 5 0
defaultgroupingid BIGINT 19 0

default grouping used in course modules, does not have key intentionally

lang VARCHAR 30

Forced language for this course. Null or '' means 'Do not force'. Otherwise a Moodle lang pack name like 'fr' or 'en_us'.

calendartype VARCHAR 30
theme VARCHAR 50
timecreated BIGINT 19 0
timemodified BIGINT 19 0
requested BIT 1 0
enablecompletion BIT 1 0

1 = allow use of 'completion' progress-tracking on this course. 0 = disable completion tracking on this course.

completionnotify BIT 1 0

Notify users when they complete this course

cacherev BIGINT 19 0

Incrementing revision for validating the course content cache

originalcourseid BIGINT 19 null cour_ori2_fkR

the id of the source course when a new course originates from a restore of another course on the same site.

showactivitydates BIT 1 0

Whether to display activity dates to user. 0 = do not display, 1 = display activity dates

showcompletionconditions BIT 1 null

Whether to display completion conditions to user. 0 = do not display, 1 = display conditions

pdfexportfont VARCHAR 50 null


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc id
cour_cat_ix Performance Asc category
cour_idn_ix Performance Asc idnumber
cour_ori_ix Performance Asc originalcourseid
cour_sho_ix Performance Asc shortname
cour_sor_ix Performance Asc sortorder